Got A Handle on YouTube Handles?

YouTube is in the process of launching handles for YouTube channels.
Just like your username on TikTok and Twitter is unique, handles will give each creator a unique username or ‘handle’ to be identified by.

Handles are unique to each creator, meaning they can only be used by one creator. This is a great move, as people can be assured they are communicating only with the authentic creator.

Over the next few months, YouTube says that we will see handles appear in more places including on comments, and in shorts, and says they will be able to be used off the platform to help promote your channel.

YouTube is rolling this feature out gradually to all channels, reserving usernames for channels with existing usernames as part of their URL.

You can visit to check if you are currently eligible to pick your handle.

According to YouTube, handles must be between 3-30 characters long, contain letters and numbers, but not phone numbers or web address, and must comply with the community guidelines.