Lock it, or loose it! | Home Security Tips

  1. Don’t tell people when you will be away, or tell someone over the phone you aren’t home.
  2. Leave a pair of shoes near the front door to give the impression someone is home.
  3. Use a timer, or automation with smart lights to randomly cycle lights in your home when you aren’t home.
  4. Place sensor lights around your home outside, not only useful for your safety and convivence but will alert you and deter uninvited visitors to your property.
  5. Your wheelie bins can be used to gain access over a fence, or into a window, move them to an area that is not easily reachable.
  6. Lock your gates and mailbox.
  7. Don’t keep a key under the mat, seriously don’t. Instead invest in a key safe if you must keep a spare key outside.
  8. Install a motion activated driveway alarm, these are outdoor motion detectors which ring an internal door-bell when motion is detected.
  9. Install security cameras to deter thieves and monitor activity around the exterior of your home.
  10. Don’t let people know online when you will be away from home.
  11. Never leave valuables in sight of windows.
  12. Don’t leave ladders outside your property.

Some considerations when renovating, building, upgrading.

  • Choose a door which does not feature glass which can be broken and used to access the internal door handle.
  • install lighting over the front and rear doors of your home.