Matt Morris joins Kia Handley on ABC Radio Newcastle

Thanks to Kia Handley from ABC Newcastle, who invited me to speak with her this morning on her show about the recent launch of My Dancing Eyes, the Nystagmus documentary.

The smartphone filmed documentary has reached audiences around the world. People with the eye condition shared what it was like living with it from their perspective using what we all own a ‘smartphone,’

The 13 minute documentary features an interview from Chris Riddel on the future of self-driving cars, and the importance such as 5G and other forms of emerging technologies will play in the role out of self-driving cars into our community.

For this documentary we created a mini film school with videos teaching our participants on how to operate their phone and conduct self interviews to a standard that we could broadcast.

We think this was an important step in democratising the filmmaking process, and ensuring anyone of any skill level has an equal opportunity to participate and share their story from inside their own world.

The film was produced here in Newcastle, but sourced contributions from multiple countries and time-zones, using multiple different methods, including local video capture and interviews conducted over video interviews, using technologies such as Skype.

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