Mobile Tower Breaks Ground Despite Community Concern

  • the tower site was opposed by locals, 500+ opposed it’s installation in 2019.
  • Optus issued a letter to nearby residents in November of 2019.
  • it’s a joint site with Vodafone also on the tower.
  • Local residents were concerned with the potential health impacts of a mobile telecommunications tower, and by proxy the effect on nearby land valuation.
  • An article featured in the Newcastle Herald about the residents concerns. It was written by Max McKinney.
  • a nearby home has featured a ‘Optus Tower,’ sign warning motorists since 2019. –

The tower site is located on Reservoir Rd (Cardiff Heights) it’s position give great access to surrounding areas including Glendale, and Elermore Vale.

A look at the antenna array on the ground prior to tower or cabinet installation.


The tower seemed to break ground in around the FEB-April 2023 timeframe.