Tech That Caught My Eye January 2023

13 Cabs Call Butler – Taxi Order Terminal

13 Cabs Taxi call terminal, pictured taken at John Hunter Hospital. Jan 2023

A press of a button is all it takes to order a taxi to pick you up outside the hospital. This device replaces a former telephone.

It’s features the branding ‘Taxi Butler,’ and a quick Google search reveals it’s a 4G based terminal, and we can also see that it’s quoting the Vodafone network on screen.

It looks like the device comes in two variants, and the features that change are the screen size and radios built in, the more premium device has Wi-Fi built in.

DJI Controller

DJI Controller

This is the heart of flying your drone. It has a fully fledged operating system built in, which you use both to control and maintain your drone settings, but is also used creatively whilst out flying.

The controller features bumper styled buttons that remind me of the control layout on an Xbox controller with dedicated buttons to activate video recording, and take photos.

This handset replaces the need for connecting a mobile phone and features a full os complete with flight academy and remote controls for the DJI Mini 3.

On the under side of the controller are two custom buttons that can be configured to your likening.

711 Smoothie Machine?

Whilst not pictured above this devices features a full touchscreen interface with large colourful images of the beverages to choose from.

Using the touch screen you select your drink and place the drink below, then the machine does it’s magic, the cup moves to the right behind the guard, and your drink is made in front of your eyes.

It looks like this machine is manufactured by Multiplex(r) Beverages, and features a built in ice maker, is a connected device providing analytical devices in store and more.

  • 21.5 inch capacitive touch screen.
  • Self-serve
  • connected to analytics platform.