Ten Tips For Nystagmus In The Classroom

Ten Tips Nystagmus In The Classroom


Nystagmus In The Classroom

Below are my best ten tips for learning with Nystagmus in the classroom.

1. Sit Close

Sitting close to the whiteboard will give you the best chance of being able to see the whiteboard.

2. Change Colour Of Markers

Its a good idea to ask the teacher to change the colour of the markers they are using. Simply changing the colour of the markers from red to blue or black can dramatically improve your ability to see the writing on the whiteboard.

3. Ask The Teacher To Write Bigger

Simple & Effective; asking the teacher to write bigger will likely improve your ability to copy work from the whiteboard.

4. Get Handouts Enlarged

If your school or colleague has the ability, ask you teacher to enlarge all handouts and learning materials onto A3 paper.

5. Adjust Lighting Conditions

Change the lighting conditions in the classroom. Try lowering the blinds or adjusting certain rows of lighting in the room to reduce glare on the whiteboard.

6. Use A Tablet Or Laptop

Using a tablet or Laptop in class is a great idea, if you or your child can keep focused. It allows for quicker note taking which and the ability to actively search important information you may miss from being unable to view the content on the Whiteboard.

7. Use Your Phone

While teachers outright discourage the use of phones in class, it turns out your trusty smartphone can be a valuable asset to learning, provided it`s used productively.  Use your phones zoom functionality to get a better view of the whiteboard or go and take a few photographs of the work on the board. Not only will you be able to enlarge the content but you will have your own copy for later in the event it gets rubbed off before you manage to copy it all down.

8. Speak Up

One of the most important things you can do is speak up. Teachers have a ton of classes with hundreds of faces to remember, so it`s easy for them to forget about your needs. Remind your teacher to write bigger, and always let them know if you cant see or read something.

9. Borrow Notes

If your unable to copy something down, ensure you borrow someones notes. Missing any notes can have a impact on your learning and ultimately the success of your education.

10. Consider Purchasing Aid`s

Consider purchasing aids to help you in the class room. Bold pens, paper or a Magnifying glass can all make life in the classroom easier.

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