Australia 3G Network Shutdown

Connecting Aussie’s since 2003 the ‘3G,’ next generation networks in Australia have reached end-of-life and telcos will switch these networks off in 2024. 

This change will affect some people and devices whilst devices capable of newer technologies such as 4G/5G will be unaffected. 

It’s not just mobile phones that use the 3G network, devices like EFTPOS terminals, vending machines, medical pendants and fleet management devices may rely on this technology so it’s important to audit your devices to see if the switch off will affect you. 

Some older devices may rely on the 3G network to make calls, despite supporting 4G networks, devices which aren’t ‘VoLTE,’ compatible are likely to be affected. 

Lets breakdown the planned switch off dates around Australia by telecommunications provider; 

3G Network Shutdown – Australia 

Big changes are coming to our mobile networks this year, out with the old, to make way for the new.  


Scheduled for June 30, 2024 

From the Telstra network you can text ‘3’ to 3498 to check the compatibility of the device.


Optus will switch off its 3G network in September 2024. 

From the Optus network you can text ‘3’ to 3498 to check the compatibility of the device. 


Vodafone switched its 3G network in January 2024. 

Felix Mobile 

Feilx operates on the Vodafone network. Its 3G service ended on the same dates as the Vodafone network. 

Aldi Mobile 

June 2024, as this network is powered by Telstra. 

What do I need to do? 

If you have a newer phone capable of 4G/5G, your current handset will work with your carrier’s newer networks, however, if your phone is not capable of making the switch, you will need to purchase a new handset. Speak to your carrier for more information. 

Will I be able to make 000 calls after this date?