FreePBX Getting Started

What is a time condition?

A time condition routes a call based on the time of day, or if the time conditions equals true or false.

Example: If you had a reception line, you could divert calls to another extension or a voicemail if the caller makes a call outside of normal operating hours.

What Is An IVR?

An IVR is an interactive voice recording, a user inputs a number from their keypad which sends a DTMF signal to your phone system and routes the call based on the selection of the user.

Example: ‘Press 1 for sales,’ if the user selects 1, the system will follow the flow that has been programmed.

What is a SIP trunk?

it’s best to think of these as virtual lines, or bridges that connect your phone system to the ISDN (Switched telephone network.) – you will use trunks when making and receiving calls on your phone system.

What is a DIDO?

‘Dial In, Dial Out,’ this is a pin protected line you can use to dial in from a standard telephone outside of your phone system and make calls internally, or externally from a phone outside of your telephone system.

Example: I could walk up to a payphone, lift the handset and call a number, enter a pin, then I can make calls from my phone system, and the caller would see my business caller ID as the call is being made by my phone system.

What is a ring group?

A ring group is a way you can pair a group of phones together into a group. lets say you have two departments, one is sales, the other is support, you can pair all the phones in each department together.

You can also change how these phones ring, for example, you can have all of them ring at once, or you can choose my advanced settings like hunt, which will find a phone or a user that is not on the phone and ready to take a call.