A Dumb Clock, A Smart Idea

The Problem

We’ve all been there, you have a really important engagement on the next day, maybe it’s a trip to the airport or a very important meeting or job.

You look at the clock and discover time is ticking away, slowly you watch the window to sleep tick away, but now you are focused on how little sleep you will get and how you can’t seem to get to sleep.

Does this sound familiar? – yeah this what I went through for years, but I found a solution!

The Solution

I have a clock by the bed, it’s deliberately basic and dumb, it’s analogue and doesn’t illuminate at night, this means, if the suns down and the lights are off I can’t see it, I can’t read the time!

However, if it’s daylight like after sunrise I can see it.

This is perfect for me, this means at night I can’t tell the time therefor I can’t get myself into the loop of being anxious about how little sleep I’ll get, but I’ll be able to read the time when it’s close to wake and start my day.

What do I do for alarms? – I use the alarm clock on my phone paired with a smart speaker. Why two alarms? – for redundancy!

Thats how I solved my sleep problems. – P.S. write your thoughts or tasks down before bed, you’ll sleep easier not worrying about things you need to remember.