Inside All-Jap Day, 2022

✌️Article written by Matt Morris for Newy 87.8FM

Between 550-600 Cars, Bikes and 4WDs gathered at McDonald Jones Stadium yesterday (Sunday 05/06/2022) for Newcastle all Japanese Car & Bike Show, affectionately called by attendees ‘All Jap Day.’

Running for its sixth year, after two cancelled years due to Covid-19 restrictions, the community event attracted Japanese-made vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

Described by the event coordinator Danae Blundell as a ‘static event,’ she explained to Newy 87.8FM how the family-friendly event was well received by the community.

“Everyone loves to come out, hang about and look around,” she said.

“It’s a good community day, as you can see lots of families, and people with their pets.”

Trophies at the event were on offer, some categories included; ‘WTF, Damn That’s Low Bro, That’s Nasty, and Blast From The Past.’

Members from the MX-5 Owners Club NSW had cars on display at the event, Bob, a club member of 15 years walked us through his modified 2006 MX-5.

“It’s a little bit different,’ he said.

“it’s got Mazda front and rear speed bar, and side skirts,”

“It’s got coilovers, the exhaust, tuned motor, cold air intake,”

“The inside of the car is now an MC2, (It has) different door cards.”

Bob, a retired photocopier technician said he made his first Mazda purchase after surviving a heart attack.

“I decided I was not going to live forever, I got another chance at life,”

“I’ll go and buy an MG or a Triumph, and then I saw the Mazda’s.” he said as he described the lead up to his first MX-5 purchase.

Luke, 23, from Cardiff South was at the event, pictured next to his yellow Mitsubishi FTO GPX DE3A shared what he loves about cars;

“It’s hard to describe,” he said.

“It’s just like a niche community, that you can choose to enter as an individual,”

“It’s like your opening up a new world of possible friendships and relationships through your mutual affection for cars.”

Aidan, 19, of Cameron Park had his 1989 Nissan Skyline R31 Ti on display, which he said he built himself.

“I bought it as a rolling shell in Brisbane,” he said.

“I’ve had three of them, I dismantled most of them and put them into that one.”

He described his cars look as ‘boxy,’ easy to work on, and shared how he loves the chrome accents on the R31.

When asked about part availability for Skyline’s, Aidan described the experience as ‘the worst,’ sharing how parts for his car are hard to find in good condition.

“I’ve been waiting months on months to find parts, you can find the parts but it’s more finding the parts that aren’t f**ked.”

This view was also shared by Alanna, a mother whose 20-year-old son also had two Nissan Skylines on display.

“Someone offered my son $500 for his roof racks,”

“I wouldn’t sell them because they are impossible to find.”

The event started at 8 AM, with staff reporting spaces filled quickly with event organisers forced to utilise entrant overflow areas.