Bunnings Boolaroo/Glendale from the air, in the back of the image Costco Boolaroo.

Boolaroo From The Air

According to data from the 2016 Census the population of Boolaroo was 1,039.

The suburb was the epicenter of the Newcastle 1989 earthquake, (5.6 on the Richter scale) and once home to the former Pasminco Smelter which closed it’s doors in 2003.

Nearby Cockle Creek earnt it’s name from the large number of Cockle Shells found at the location by Colonel William Paterson.

It is the largest creek in Lake Macquarie.

Cockle Creek also once housed a power station between the years of 1927-1976.

Bunnings (Glendale)

Bunnings Glendale, is positioned between Lake Road, and Munibung Road, to the rear of the photo is the Costco Site, which opened it’s doors several years after Bunnings opened it’s doors here.

Prior to it’s opening, the former Glendale Bunnings site was located inside the Stockland Glendale complex, near Event Cinemas.

Pictures shows an air view of Bunnings Warehouse. Boolaroo
Bunnings Boolaroo from the air, in the background is Costco Boolaroo, looking towards general direction of Cardiff NSW.

Club Macquarie

Pictured left is Cockle Creek, to the right hand side is Club Macquarie, a well known venue to locals and Novocastrians alike. It was established in 1967.

Some venue amenities include; a bowling green, and Auditorium.

Drone shot shows Club Macquarie and Cockle Creek, looking in the general direction of Glendale.
Pictured Cockle Creek, to the right hand side Club Macquarie.
Drone shot of Cockle Creek looking towards Speers Point.
Cockle Creek looking towards Speers Point.

Train Line & Station

Cockle Creek station is located opposite Bunnings Warehouse just off Lake Road.

Train bridge at Cockle Creek.
NSW Train’s V Set headed for Newcastle Interchange.

NSW V Sets were introduced into service as early as 1970 and produced by Comeng (Commonwealth Engineering)

Costco Boolaroo Site

Line markings was completed by Kenex. The store opened to the public during the Covid-19 pandemic.


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