First Houseplant: Philodendron Birkin

Just a quick few lines about my accidental discovery of houseplants. I was searching for cool technology ideas last year, when I had the thought of bringing IOT to gardening and plants. I like stats, charts, data, and some bright minds had already been hard at work on a project called ‘Willow.’

What is Willow? – Think all in one plant care in the palm of your hand. The sensors are placed into the soil and provide real-time information about the health of your plant. Soil moisture levels, light, temperature and more taking the guess work out of plant care.

I did preorder last year, however the company did cancel my preorder as their was some delays in production, they sent me a houseplant as an apology for the delay!

Good news though, with a successful Kickstarter campaign they are on track to deliver units later in the year.

Now a little secret, the plant they sent is no longer with us. He was chillin by the bathroom window, before it got sick and passed. Not sure what happened, either overwatered or was exposed to far to much sunlight. Can’t decide which of the two.

So I replaced the plant, with Greg. (first name that came to mind.)

Greg, spends quality time outside on the front verandah, taking in plenty of light, but not directly from the sun.

These are the care instructions I have learnt and are running with. Critique welcome, and use at your own risk.

Philodendron Birkin Care Details:

  • Watering: 1, 2 times a week.
  • PH: 5-6
  • Light: indirect light.
  • Temperature: Up to 24c, not under 12c
  • Drainage: Yes, make sure the soil can drain.
  • Humidity? – Higher the better.
  • Toxicity: Yes, to both humans and pets.