iOS 16.3 Is Here,

Early last month you might recall Apple announced some major security enhancements coming to iOS in early 2023, well they are here, lets unpack them.

Advanced Data Protection

end-to-end encryption for your iCloud data, this means that your data will be encrypted and only you will have the keys to view and use this data. You should enable this feature now, as if someone was to gain access to your account or iCloud was breached in some way, your data would remain private.

Heads up, if you loose your keys, or are careless with them, your data will be gone, and I mean gone.

Apple has been very clear here about that, they even state that it’s your responsibility to keep your details and recovery methods up to date. After Enabling Advanced Data Protection

Security Keys

Apple will now let you protect your account with physical hardware keys such as Yubikey.