LEDC logo on budding at Mayfield.

Inside Leading Edge Data Centre, Mayfield

Thanks to Leading Edge for inviting us to the opening of it’s datacenter in Mayfield.

Ultimate Server Hotel,

When describing the role of LEDC to other people in the industry, I often describe it as the ultimate home for your compute infrastructure, it’s a safe, cool and reliable place for your servers to live, engineered for high security, uptime and rich data connections are found at this facility.

It’s known as a ‘colocation,’ facility, which means, you pay a fee and these guys host your equipment, they provide secure rack-space, with power, cooling, UPS and generator protected power, fire detection, and automatic suppression, plus plenty of cross-connects in the facility, so their are lots of ways to get your data in and out of the building!

A Smart Choice

Renting space in a colocation facility is a great way to get the best of both worlds. You can have your data in a data-center, but also be able to get your hands on your equipment and servers fast!