Photos From The 90s

Opening the vault and taking a look at photos from the 90s

Matt offered his first taste of liquor on his first birthday. (it was just a sip, and was posed for the photo.)

A grandfather offers his grandson his first drink. (just a pose for the camera.) I laugh at this photo now, and I believe it sums up the 90s nicely, it’s unlikely in todays serious world you could get away with an image like that, you’d be cancelled.

Matt stands next to a taxi, the taxi is from the 90s and has a red hood, the branding of the car reads 'Newcastle Taxis.' Matt has his arm against the passenger door of the car, a driver in a blue shirt can be seen inside, although we can't see his face.
Matt pictured against a Newcastle Taxi!

In the early days of my life, our family didn’t own a car, so getting me to pre-school meant a ride with Newcastle Taxis.

The pre-school was a specialty school for the visually impaired and deaf, which formally went under the name of ‘Royal Institute for blind and deaf,’ but have recently undergone a rebrand and operate under the name of ‘Nextsense,’

My grandfather would take me for a trip up to the shops at Charlestown, and was both amazed that all the cabbies knew me by name as a little boy.

I have forwarded this picture to 13Cabs via an email enquiry and tagged them in this tweet, but have not heard back from them yet.