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Buying Second Hand Apple Products, Read Me

Before purchasing a second-hand Apple product, or any second-hand smartphone or laptop you should consider the following when making a purchase, and negotiating a fair price;

Software Updates

Devices become obsolete, and in most cases, Apple at some point stops supporting older devices, they aren’t alone, it’s a behavior we see right across the technology industry.

Once a device can’t be updated to the latest operating system, you may start to miss out on certain features, or certain apps may start to require a more modern operating system that you can’t update to.

For example, ‘Advanced Data Protection,’ for iCloud requires iOS 16 or higher.

Battery Health

Overtime batteries loose their ability to hold charge. the more they are used, the less capacity the battery can store.

Most devices keep a ‘cycle count,’ Apple Products do, especially Laptops, and this is something you want to consider.

You should check the cycle count of the battery, and do your own research to understand if the cycle count is fair and reasonable for the age of the device and the asking price. – think of it, like a car’s mileage.

How to check? – From the Apple menu, open ‘System Information,’ navigate to ‘Power,’ under the hardware menu and look for ‘Cycle count.’

Reactivation Lock

Reactivation lock is an anti-theft system implemented in MacBook and Apple mobile devices to discourage theft, if you purchase a locked device, it will be as useful to you as a paper-weight. Ensure the device has been released and removed from any iCloud accounts and that you can assign your Apple account to it.

If possible you should ask the seller for original proof of purchase, this will assist you in the event you need Apple’s assistance in unlocking the device.

IMEI Check

If you are purchasing a mobile device, you should ensure the device is not stolen or has a questionable history as some devices can have IMEIs banned from mobile networks.

Genuine Repairs

When buying second-hand Apple products, be on the lookout for any unauthorized repairs, check that features like FaceID, Touch ID, True tone and cameras are working, and that you have access to battery health. When devices are repaired with non-genuine parts you may lose access to these features.

Do Your Research

Fair market value can be determined by checking alternate marketplaces, such as Ebay.

Look for ‘refurbished,’ models that match the same year of manufacture and condition, and check that the price you are seeing is fair for the age and condition of the device.